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You've got one shot.
Put your best face forward.

Your headshot is important.  The photo you put out into the world is your first impression.  It's what differentiates you from everyone else.  It holds all of your personality in it until your clients meet you.  Is yours saying what you want it to say?

I'm passionate about helping business owners create photos that represent their business in a way that translates who they are! I can't wait to help you put your best face forward whether it's through your headshots and branding photos that help your clients see first hand what your experience is like.

What does your headshot say about you?


1. let's chat!

2. save the date

3. get the details

4. session day!

5. selecting YOUR Shots

The Process


Step One 

Let's make sure we're a great fit!

First, we'll set up a quick phone call and get to know each other!  Here, you'll introduce me to you and your brand and nail down what you're looking for.


Next, we'll select a date for your consultation and a tentative date for your session!  

Step Two 

Let's save the date!


Then, at your consultation we'll sit down and take a look at your individual needs.  We'll plan everything from your outfits, to the location, to what kind of feel your photos need to have. Here, we're customizing everything to make sure your brand and personality are at the forefront. 

If you're interested in developing a custom monthly plan for website and social media content, we'll plan multiple outfits, and a few photos that you can use for specific dates or events taking place that month.

Step Three

Let's get the details


This is where the magic happens! I can't wait to guide you through a perfect, fun, easy session that brings your vision to life!  


session day!


Hooray! Once your images are ready, we'll sit down together to view them!  I'll show you my favorites, and guide you through choosing the absolute best of the best for your business.  


Selecting your shots


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