In a  land far, far away, I waved my magic wand to make a few fun dreams come true! 

A project born out of channeling creativity and helping kids and families find a little bit of magic during a pandemic, I started making fun fantasy art! And the best part is it can be completely contact free!

Here's how it works:

Once Upon A Time

Let's chat! Contact me and we'll pick out a fun fantasy theme that resonates with you!

Let's take a the photo! These can be done in person, or from a distance. If from a distance, I'll provide you some simple posing instructions to help and you'll take a photo with your cell phone and send it my way! If in person, I'll guide you on what to wear and during a quick 30 minute session, we'll take your photos!

This is where the magic happens! I'll put your photo together and send it your way! I have LOVED seeing/hearing kids' reactions to these so make sure you tell me how much they love it!

Step One

Step Two

Step Three

Step Four

Don't let your fantasy art work collect digital dust! When I deliver your image, you'll have the opportunity to have a  beautiful metal print designed and printed for you.  I do all the heavy lifting, making sure it looks amazing in your child's room! 

Let's chat! 

Ready to  make some magic?

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