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Toys, toys, toys. We all had our teddy bears and bouncy balls, video games and dress-up dolls. You enjoyed playing with them back them (and some still do—Toy Story 2, anyone?), and our children enjoy playing with them now. But of course, after long enough, those toys will break or get lost. Or maybe these […]

Amazing Atlanta Toy Stores

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Congratulations, you have a baby on the way! Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your fourth. Either way, you have a lot to prepare for, meaning you’ll need supplies. And since you might not be able to use everything from last time (or maybe it’s your first time), you may have to do some shopping. […]

Top 5 Atlanta Maternity Stores

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I get it, you’re tired of being at home all day and your kids are too! But where can you even go? Georgia’s a big state with plenty of options, be they parks, attractions, or even museums, so it might be good to have some help with narrowing your choices down. Here are our family’s […]

4 Things To Do In Georgia With Kids

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Whether you’re a brand new mama-to-be, or a seasoned pro, keeping an eye on our little ones to make sure they’re happy and healthy, especially now more than ever. Whether you need a sickness treated now or you’d like to prevent one in the future, you might be wondering just where in the Metro Atlanta […]

5 Atlanta Pediatricians for the New (or seasoned!) Mama

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