» I'm a huge coffee and tea girl! My husband and I met working at a Starbucks!
» I lam a nurturer at heart and love to make people feel warm, fuzzy, and brilliant. 
» I have no self control around dessert. Cheesecake = kryptonite.
» I have a completely unfounded anxiety of driving over bridges.
» I have a degree in psychology with an emphasis in working with special needs children.
» My oldest and I make and sell our own fudge at the Monroe Farmer's Market!
» I love animals! I've had dogs, cats, a turtle, a tree frog, a squirrel, and raccoons!
» I'm proudly embody the term Earth Mama.  I love being in nature and being barefoot! 
» I am a firm believer that massive change can come through shifting your energy.
» I'm a bit of a perfectionist and often remind myself to extend myself grace. as well.

Hey there, I'm Angie!

10 random things about me

I'm the mother of five beautifully crazy kiddos— Aiden, Serena, Jonah, Jack, and Elsie— and wife to the best partner in crime, Isaac.  Isaac is also my second shooter and resident video editor.

guided not directed
confidence igniting
Experience centered
energy shifting
minimally scripted

My Approach

I believe that photography should be an experience and I love being able to create a fun, valuable, and memorable one for the families I meet.  I hold your hand from the very beginning, from choosing your outfits to literally hanging your portraits on your walls.  This time, you can relax and let me do the hard work while you just enjoy your family and the memories you create together.

To be completely honest, I'm not like all the rest.

When my second youngest was born a little over 3 months early, I realized that “going to work” on someone else’s terms wasn’t going to work for me anymore. Coming home from the NICU with a trach, ventilator, and feeding tube, Jonah just needed a totally different level of mama care.


The other side of having a medical baby was that I felt and valued each and every moment, every milestone, every time his little eyes opened up to look at me so much more. You can ask anyone and they’ll tell you I snapped a zillion photos of my sweet big kids. Jonah, however, totally renewed and refreshed that desire to capture every moment. Then, I realized that I could help other people capture moments in time for themselves, their families, their children. Moments that are amazing, important, and gone in the blink of an eye. Not only that, but I could help them preserve those photos in beautiful albums and artwork to keep forever. I can't think of anything I'd rather do than to give this gift to the families I meet. 

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