Amazing Atlanta Toy Stores

Toys, toys, toys. We all had our teddy bears and bouncy balls, video games and dress-up dolls. You enjoyed playing with them back them (and some still do—Toy Story 2, anyone?), and our children enjoy playing with them now. But of course, after long enough, those toys will break or get lost. Or maybe these will be your newborn’s first toys. So where can one find a place to buy toys? Well, let’s take a tour around Atlanta and find out.

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Kazoo Toys   

Supplying toys to babies and toddlers to tweens and even special needs since 2012, Kazoo Toys has it all. They your classic building blocks, puzzle cubes and simpler items like puppets and plushies, but you may be surprised to learn that they carry more complex items as well, from fidget toys to science projects. Pick up a board game and play with the whole family, or purchase a book that you and your child can enjoy. There’s plenty of variety for everyone, and the store will donate to local school and charity!


Learning Express Toys

Another store with something for everyone! Shop from infancy to middle school and everywhere in between. Here we have collectables such as Beyblades (those cool little spinny-tops for those unaware) and Calico Critters. Going on a trip? There are toys and games to play in the car, like Mad Libs or a Rubik’s Cube. Speaking of puzzles, how about a brainteaser? They carry jigsaw puzzles and block puzzles alike, and even an assortment of logic puzzles. If you want something a tad more educational, then, once again, we have books, and other classroom necessities.

Rhen’s Nest Toy Shop

With one location in Atlanta and another in Savannah, you can be sure you’ll find just what you’re looking for here. We could all stand to get out of the house these days, so how about a bouncy ball? You could also pick up a model plane or blow some bubbles. Or, if you want something more modern, a drone is certainly the way to go. And after all that time outside, those kids are gonna have to be cleaned, but how do you get them to enjoy the bath? Aha, bath toys! From rubber duckies to bath bombs, it’s something for that child who plays from dawn to dusk.

Build-a-Bear Workshop

Now we can’t finish this list without mentioning a store that we all know and love! Everyone has that one teddy bear or stuffed animal you loved, and if you say that you didn’t, then you’re lying. Walk on in and build yourself a teddy bear—but not just any bear. You son could choose to dress it up like Spider-Man or his favorite superhero, or maybe your daughter wants to put one in Elsa’s blue dress or another Disney princess. And while the kids are off building theirs, why not build one for you as well? It’s surely a fun time for everybody, young and old.



  1. Really awesome writeup over some super cool Atlanta toy stores. Thanks so much for getting this together.

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