Top 5 Atlanta Maternity Stores

Congratulations, you have a baby on the way! Maybe it’s your first, maybe it’s your fourth. Either way, you have a lot to prepare for, meaning you’ll need supplies. And since you might not be able to use everything from last time (or maybe it’s your first time), you may have to do some shopping. But just where in Atlanta would I be able to find what I need? Well, here’s a small list of a few stores that should help you get started.

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Sweet Repeats

Looking for upscale clothes for your young ones? Sweet Repeats has been serving the Atlanta area for over 35 years. Not only can you purchase shirts, pants and shoes for your boys and girls, but you can also sell what you don’t need anymore and can still be properly used by others, with returns depending on their condition. A perfect system to help yourself and others.

Baby Love

Baby Love is more than just a shop. Sure, you can buy the necessities here: clothing, toys, books food and eating utensils for the kids, as well as gear and maternity wear for the parents. But here’s something they offer counseling, classes and even gatherings, which may come in handy, especially for the new parents out there. They’ll perform an inspection of the car seat to make sure it’s safe and sound, and, best of all, you can try out their “Bliss Bag Delivery Service” in order to have whatever supplies you need delivered directly to your house!

Emani Maternity

Tucked inside Northpoint Mall, you’ll find this beautiful little store called Emani Maternity.  They carry a full line of maternity clothing, including nightgowns, bras, lounge clothes, and maternity pants and shirts.  This could be the perfect spot to find that outfit you rely on all pregnancy, or the perfect dress for maternity photos!

Baby Bella

Lance-Newborn-Atlanta- Angie's Perspective PhotographyCan you believe we went through this entire article without once mentioning strollers? Well, let’s take a “stroll” over to Baby Bella, where you can find the likes from strollers to car seats and playpens. Like some of the other stores on this list, you can find shirts, pants and shoes for your boys and girls alike. Here, you can also find various coats, accessories, swimwear and even suits. On top of that, they even offer webcams for sale, just for if you want to show off your dapper new child to friends or family. Or both.

reBlossom Mama Baby Shop

Last but not least (actually they’re one of my favorites!) is reBlossom! This little boutique is home to just about every adorable think you can think of for you and your baby- including both brand new and resale items. But they don’t stop there! They also offer numerous supportive services like on staff lactation consultants, birthing and breastfeeding classes, music and story time groups, maternal mental health resources, prenatal and mom/baby yoga, and a Facebook group! They even offer Such an awesome resource for both new and seasoned mamas.



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