4 Things To Do In Georgia With Kids

I get it, you’re tired of being at home all day and your kids are too! But where can you even go? Georgia’s a big state with plenty of options, be they parks, attractions, or even museums, so it might be good to have some help with narrowing your choices down. Here are our family’s top 4 places around the state of Georgia that both you and your own kiddos might enjoy.

Georgia Aquarium

Pope-Family-Lawrenceville-Angies Perspective Photography

Where else to start but the largest aquarium in the Western Hemisphere? The Georgia Aquarium houses thousands of fish and sea life, from freshwater to saltwater, tropic to arctic, sharks to whales and even (now hear me out) dolphins. Dolphins that you can watch perform live in a show. Or if you’d like, watch the sealions. There are several exhibits, with species from all four corners of the world. Don’t forget to pick up a souvenir!

Stone Mountain

Now, I’m sure you’ve heard about that large granite rock towering over our state. It’s tall enough to see Atlanta from the top, and it’s the talk of the town. Literally, it has the whole city named after it. Of course, you can spend your time hiking up the side to the top (or, if you prefer to relax, ride the lift to the top—both provide a spectacular view). But there’s more to it than that. For example, did you know that Stone Mountain is also a bustling historical site, with preserved locations that you can explore? You can also take a cruise on the riverboat, and return at nightfall for a holiday laser show on the lawn.

Fox Theater

Underwood-Family-Roswell-Angies Perspective PhotographyAh, the Fabulous Fox Theater. The last remaining movie palace in the city, and proud of it, too! It boasts a 42-rank pipe organ rightfully known as the Mighty Mo, and a digital video projection system worth hundreds of thousands, worthy of use for Summer Film Festivals. I’m sure there’s at least one person you know who’s performed here: Elvis, Prince, Bruce Springsteen, even Bob Marley in 1979. And you get forget the holiday season, when the Nutcracker ballet is annually performed to much splendor.

Six Flags Over Georgia

Of course, maybe you don’t want something so fancy or historical. Maybe you want something a bit more casual, less nature, more thrills. Well, there’s always the amusement part, and what better amusement part than Six Flags? The state of Georgia actually what is the second Six Flags location ever founded after the original in Texas, Six Flags Over Georgia. Here, you can find freefall tower ride Acrophobia, the rare Riverview Carousel, and the great hyper coaster Goliath. On top of that, the park is also host to a water part, which can be found via the second gate: Six Flags White Water. Whether you want a park experience high in the sky and zipping around at breakneck speeds or in the water in one of the many pools, you’re guaranteed to find something worth your while.



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