We Booked a Session! Now What Should We Wear??

I think “what should we wear?” is one of the questions I hear most frequently, and it’s no wonder! Taking photos is an investment— you’ll be hanging these on the walls in your home, using them for Christmas cards, sharing them with family, and passing them down for generations. You want to look your best!

Here are a few tips to help you feel a little less overwhelmed and a little more prepared when it comes to picking out your wardrobe for your next session. Of course, these are just ideas! You don’t have to implement ALL of them— or any of them! The most important thing is that your photos reflect YOU.

So here we go!

There’s an old-fashioned idea that everyone should match in photos, but that’s not true! Choose colors that compliment each other, but aren’t all exactly the same. You can start with a base of 2-3 colors that are easy to coordinate. (Keep reading for color ideas!) Then, add in a pop of coordinating colors to complement them!

Start by picking out one outfit and building everyone else’s outfit around it. Once you’ve picked your outfit, take a look at the accent colors in it and use those to tie in everyone else’s outfits. Keep it interesting by keeping each person’s primary color different. For example, if you’re wearing a cream dress with blush accents (your primary color being cream), your husband could wear navy slacks with a cream shirt and tan blazer (his primary color being tan). One child could wear a blush dress with cream accents, and the other child could wear a khaki pants with a cream shirt and navy vest.

Neutrals are timeless colors and photograph beautifully. They create an earthy, cozy feel. Deep oranges, maroons, and yellows are rustic, warm, and pop against the green background we see in a lot of Georgia. Pastels, on the other hand, create a breezy, cooler, fresh feel. Avoid busy patterns and prints, fluorescent colors, or overwhelming graphics/logos. For outdoor photos, avoid lots of green (we’ve got plenty of that in the trees!).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           

Ladies, don’t be afraid to dress up! Dresses are so flattering on women, and long dresses with movement add an extra touch of wispy elegance to your photos. Add in a hat, belt, scarf, or a cardigan for some accent layers.
For the men, chinos and button-up shirts or henleys look sharp, masculine, and tailored in photos! Fitted slacks or khakis tend to look the most put together and photograph well as compared to cargo pants and loose jeans. Layer with a blazer, vest, or hat to add some dimension!
Dresses and skirts are always a go to for little girls! Especially for those fun spinning and twirling photos. Boys look fantastic in slacks, button-ups, and henleys just like dad. Little touches like hair accessories, bow ties, and suspenders can add the perfect finishing touch to your photos!
Footwear should be comfortable but not distracting. On women, heels can lengthen and slim legs. Men look great in closed toe shoes and boots. We’ll be walking and standing for a while, so make sure everyone is comfortable!




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