The Sun Has Always Been a Thing

The sun has always been a thing for me.  Not just the sun, actually.  My soul, for whatever reason, just connects with space- the sun, moon, and stars have always kind of called to me. One of the first things I started photographing when my husband bought me my first camera years ago was the moon.  I was so excited to be able to really capture it.  To see it differently, big and beautiful, and then capture it that way.

Moon - Social Circle Georgia - Angie's Perspective Photography

But this is about the sun.

There’s something special about playing with light, both when I’m out actually shooting and on my computer editing.  I love looking for the way the sun streams through tree branches, or peeks over the clouds.  It adds a totally different  kind of warmth to the memory those photos hold.

Lake Varner - Covington - Angie's Perspective Photography

I’ve always been more of a sunrise girl, but most people aren’t up for taking photos at the literal crack of dawn. (Weird, right?) When Jonah was in the NICU at Scottish Rite, we drove from the Ronald McDonald House in Atlanta all the way to the kids school every morning.  It was an hour long drive, which meant we got to watch the sun rise as we drove.  That memory has always been a bright spot in that crazy time- watching the sun come up right by Stone Mountain was the best possible way to start those busy and often emotional days.

This past weekend, I went out shooting with a friend and captured the prettiest sunset on the lake.  I can’t tell you how relaxing it is to sit and play with and edit those photos.  Or how lucky I am that I can find my work and relaxation intertwined that way.  I couldn’t possibly love what I do more.

All little girls should get to bathe in that beautiful sunset glow, and let the sun kiss their skin as it fades.




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