The Top 8 Reasons You Should Get Family Photos Taken


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Do you ever wish you could just freeze time for a moment? It feels like just yesterday that my youngest was born, but he’s already scoot-crawling across the floor like he thinks he’s a big kid and I’m not about it! Photos give me a chance to freeze those moments, so I can go back and soak up those beautiful newborn baby moments. (Hint: these may be extra valuable in those sassy pre-teen years)


Photo products make extra special gifts for people you love. I’ve printed canvases for grandparents and photo mugs for holiday gifts… There are so many options! I LOVE when people order my Fantasy Art as a fun gift. I had a client once asked me to turn her husband and sons into dragon riders for Father’s Day! He was thrilled!

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We recently went on a mini vacation and I wanted to make sure we got one good family photo while we were there. I ended up with a photo with everyone looking in different directions, wind blowing in our hair, laughing and making faces, and I LOVE it. It’s exactly us. There’s nothing like getting to capture your family exactly the way they are right now. This is why I love taking photos that are relaxed and a little more ‘candid’ so your spirits can shine through the photos.


I’m going to get real for a moment. When my step-father passed away, I went through every single photo we had of him and was disappointed that we had no nice pictures of all of us. Phones take good enough photos nowadays that I had plenty of him, or him and one or two other family members, that looked decent. But there’s something different about a beautiful, professional photo of the family. I would give anything to have gone back and made sure I captured those moments, because those photos are something I could have kept forever. Not only that, but in going through our photos I was devastated to realize that the only photo I had of him and me together was one where we were in the same room, but not even actually together! Which leads me to my next point…

5. YOU NEED TO BE IN THE FRAME!Rakestraw Family Loganville Angies Perspective Photography

I can’t count how many times I’ve had moms tell me that they take lots of photos of dad and the kids, but they never get good pictures of themselves with the kids, and selfies just don’t cut it. I love capturing the way mama’s love their children. Those sweet snuggles and tickles. The big full family hugs with mom and dad and the children all piled on top of each other. You can’t get those in a selfie, and you deserve to have good pictures with you in them! Couples- when’s the last time you got a good photo of the two of you? It’s so amazing to get to capture the energy and love between a couple. I love getting to show them how beautiful and in love they look when they’re not worried about getting a great selfie angle.


I know sometimes we get down on ourselves and don’t like certain things about the way we look. I do my absolute best to try and highlight the amazing, beautiful things about you and make you see yourself the way I do. There’s nothing like putting on a great outfit, being in a gorgous location, and having me cheer you on to give you a little bit of confidence to help bring out your beautiful self.

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7. IT’S FUN!

I mentioned before that I love relaxed, candid photos. Part of the reason I love them so much is because they’re so much more fun than traditional posed photos. I love finding ways to make you laugh, prompting you to interact with your significant other or your kids, motivating you, and watching you just being yourself. And then I get to turn your authenticity into art!



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Your important moments deserve to be immortalized. Engagements. Having a new baby. Moving to a new home. Starting a business. Your wedding. Birthdays. Those moments are worth turning into something special. Something that you can look back on and remember in future years. After all, they only happen once!


There’s nothing like filling the walls of your home with your own family photos. There are so many different types of photo art to choose from that you can always find something that fits your style! The first time I hung photos of all of my children on the walls in my living room, they were so excited! They loved having their photos visible, and so do I. Your family and the moments you share together are priceless.

Whatever your reason for scheduling your next photo session, remember that photos are important! Don’t wait to capture your family’s memories. You won’t regret it.

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