On My First Session and Growth

My first real session was a wedding. Way to start out small, right? 

I’ve always been a big picture taker, so when my husband bought me my first camera three years ago, I was obsessed. I took photos of family, animals, and lots of photos of the moon (I still love astrophotography!) but it was still a while before I decided to take the jump into turning my favorite hobby into a business. 

My first wedding was for a family member which should have made me less nervous, except that it was also her WEDDING. You can’t mess these up, guys. You only get one! This is the mother of all special days.  And here I was, fresh and new and trying to make sure I remembered everything I’d learned about photography.

Photographers pride themselves on using manual mode and not auto, meaning we tell our cameras exactly what to do instead of letting the camera decide. I’ll admit I definitely did not spend the whole day in manual. The venue was a beautiful cabin with warm colored wood inside. It was perfect. Except that I had no idea how to compensate for the honey orange hue it cast back then, which cost me a lot of extra editing time! 


The most important thing to me was making sure I was able to capture the most important moments. That walk down the aisle. Their happy tears when they read their vows. That first kiss. And I’m so proud to say that I didn’t miss a thing even if I did feel like I was going to die of nervousness. 


I’ve grown a lot in the year and a half since that day. I look back at those photos and see so many things I could have done differently. Things I should have changed. My editing style is so much more defined now than it was back then in my baby photographer days. But my sister-in-law still loves them (thank goodness!) because they capture her memories.


I’m a big believer in continuing to grow too. I’m a part of an amazing photographer’s education community and I’m always learning more ways to bring you a more unique service and amazing photos. So it’s been amazing to be able to continue to take new and better photos of families that I’ve worked with over the years, and to have been able to streamline my process so you get your images faster. 



It’s crazy looking back at how far I’ve come in a year and a half. I can’t wait to see what Angie’s Perspective will look like years from now. 



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