Six Months


Six months.

In six months, I’ve learned more lessons from you, my little soul healer, than I can possibly count. With Jonah, I learned to think like a medical mom. So when I watch Jack play, I don’t just watch him play. I think “look! He grabbed that toy, crossed midline with it, and transferred it!”

And it’s funny.

It’s funny because I’ve learned that all these little milestones that we don’t think about are hard work! They say the brain grows and learns exponentially in the first few years, but when it doesn’t do it on its own like with Jonah, you realize just how much work it’s doing all by itself.

We had to teach Jonah, hand over hand, to reach for that toy. To cross midline. To transfer a toy from one hand to the other. Months and months of working. And Jack? He just does it! He started babbling a few days ago. No prompting, just instinctual growth. How crazy is it that our brains are capable of all of this with no direction?

And, if our brains are so big and strong and fantastic… why do we ever stop? Sure, we might not have the ease of learning as quickly as you do when you’re 3, but our brains are still amazing. Why don’t we act like it? Why do we let fear drive us? Why do we let things we’ve been told hold us back when we are PHENOMENAL?

We teach our little ones to soar. To be brave and run wild. To believe they are unstoppable, because they are.

Why don’t we soar too?

Happy 6 months, little Jack. ❤️



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